Business Sectors

Our scientific bureaus(in all Iraqi governorates andSultanate) are responsible for 60% of public or governmental sector sales through tenders and bids with the Ministry of Health MOH in both countries. We have extensive experience in implementing tenders from start to finish, including preparing tender documents conducting specification analysis, preparing LC Multi-Model documents shipping documents, dealing with all MOH departments (especially technical committees), and handling installation issues through ourmedical engineering services centers.

The private sector accounts for the remaining 40%, which includes private hospitals and public hospitals through direct purchases. Our medical engineering services centers and bureaus handle the installation issues for both sectors. Our sales team is available in all Iraqi provinces and Sultanate to manage orders, and each hospital has an instant staff member to check request announcements and follow current orders.

Since the launch of the services in Iraq by scientific bureaus , our company has achieved extensive national and international growth. Some of the first countries Muscat Sky has expanded to Iraq, KSA and the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

The main specialization of Muscat Sky is the Medical field or the delivery of high quality products and services in different sectors within the field of healthcare, pharmaceuticals pharmacies, food products and the household tools .The longstanding success of the company and the emergence of its subsidiaries is a key factor for the offering of quality products and services.

Muscat Sky Investment’s MES Centres

Our Medical Engineering Services (MES) team provides healthcare professionals with a range of services to safely manage the supply and distribution of medical devices. Our Risk Management Services offer consultancy services to ensure that your site meets software and standard brand installation requirements. Technical Facilities management (TFM)provides bespoke medical engineering systems from design to installation and full turnkey solutions Our MESC Training Courses comply with current codes of practice and legislative requirements and we are an ETC accredited Training Centre Today, organizations across industries face constant challenges due to dynamic market conditions and emerging technology trends. The key to success lies in accelerating time to market in conjunction with time to profit. That’s why organizations need a partner who can help them gain a competitive edge by enabling them to take advantage of fast service through highly experienced staff for their product. MES has supported many companies in successful product launches across domains, bringing the necessary engineering rigor to innovate, test, upgrade, and scale complex next-generation products and systems. Our experiences in repairing, installation and operation make us a trusted partner for our customers Our structured workflow ensures that we deliver high-quality service to our customers.

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